布施明さんのsummer jazz, コットン クラブに行ってきました、7/27/19

今年のジャズ明も台風の余波を受けて成田の税関は、オリンピックを前に化粧直し中。床は、ボコボコ、タレ布がかかっていて、しかも、暑い!パスボート検閲官は、たったの3人。午後4時過ぎは、外国からの到着便が多く、100人以上の人が長〜い列を作っているではありませんか! たっぷり1時間以上は待たされ、やっと、新宿のホテルに着いたのは、夜の9時近く。アメリカでも、中西部は、ハリケーンとかトルネードに頻繁に襲われ...


England is changing

The U.S. will be changing rapidly in many areas.One of the biggest challenges we will be facing soon is the treatment of migrants who keep coming from the Central America.Visiting England Recently I went to England accompanying myhusband who attended a conference there.Some people do not like to mix business trips and private trips. But, I like to see my husband’s colleagues and their spouses. In ...


Delayed my spring cleaning

In the spring, I had a cataract surgery. The surgery itself went smoothly, but the result was not what I expected. So, all my spring plans were delayed.Yard workIn spring, everybody starts to clean the house. Manyhouseholds would work on the yard first.Because, trees and weeds start to grow rapidly in this season. In our case, we have English ivy all over the fence.I planted them forty years ago, ...


Organizing the papers, papers and more in the house!

 HoarderMy husband does not like to throw away things. When I try to get rid of his old IBM computer cards which he created for his Ph.D. dissertation, “Wait, I worked really hard for my dissertation and some people are still reading it.” He received his Ph.D. about 44 years ago.He has been going to the scientific conference about twice a year. If I try to get rid of his conference badges and co...


Los Alamos Lab. and Santa Fe

I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico last week.From the place I live, Santa Fe is about 1 hour and 30minutes by train.This city has a full of Pueblo-style architecture. But, originally, founded as a Spanish colony in 1610. So, this cityhas a mixture of Native Americans and Spanish cultures. But one more thing we need to notice about this city is aboutLos Alamos Laboratory, which is known for the ...




Welcome to FC2!アメリカ南西部在住。好きな作家は村上春樹、歌手なら布施明、夫から常日頃聞かされるのは、Richard Feynmanの好奇心について。