lighting boats

My son's condominium is located in Tampa Bay,Florida.Right in front of his condo, there is a river.Along the river, the city of Tampa built a nicesidewalk. That is my favorite everyday walk path.Right before Christmas, the city of Tampa invitespeople to show the boats parade of lights. Here they are!息子がニューヨークにいると、お父さんお母さんは、ニューヨークへ。タンパにいれば、それタンパへと親ば...


Tony Orlando, and other X'mas events

My husband stays at the hotel a lot, because our house is kind of far fromhis research facility. Last week, he told me that he bought tickets for the concert by Tony Orlando, who is coming to perform at his hotel.Tony's major hit song is "Tie a Yellow Ribbon around the Ole Oak Tree".When we had a luncheon with women before I went to the concert my friends really wanted to go to Tony's show. Ton...


Men's evolution?

Recently, so many men have been accused of sexual harassment. Harvey Weinstein (movie producer),Kevin Spacey (movie star), even former president George H.W.Bush (even in a wheelchair), John Besh (celebrity chef), and of course the Republican nominee and former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore.Why are so many men interested in this kind of behavior?According to my husband’s ex...


The last day in NY at Birdland

The last day of our New York trip was to go to listen to Jazz at Birdland.  The reason we go to Birdland often is that the club is within the walking distance from my son’s apartment in Midtown Manhattan. Also, we were very interested in the program of that night. Afro Latin Jazz was going to be on. The pianist Arturo O’Farrill is a Grammy Award winning pianist and composer.   ジ...



My son made a reservation at the steak house called Wolfgang’s Steak House on Park Ave in NY. It’s a high-end steak house but it’s a chain. One of my friends is very particular whether a restaurant is a chain or not. A branch of this restaurant is located in Roppongi as well as other cities in Japan. My son always makes a reservation at the relatively high-end of the restaurants when his pare...