(真ん中のおばあちゃんがアクセントにうるさいんだ!) (いろいろなトピックスを持ち寄って、話しあいます)(ほら、今日もこんなに一生懸命に...constitutionまで、お勉強するおばさん達.)Well, my neighbor is 86 years old. In that age, we all have some hearing problems. My neighbor and I have known each other about 40 years. I have organized the discussion group several years ago.We meet once a month and...


学習困難生だった新市長は dyslexiaを克服したハーバード大卒業者

(新市長は、左脳型かな) The population of the city I live in is a little over ½ million. Our new mayor is graduated from the University of Notre Dame and has a MBA from Harvard. He is 40 years old.   Shortly after he was elected as a new mayor, he was shopping at a Target store with his children pushing his cart. All the store  staff and cu...


Marijuana enthusiast

私のお気に入りのビール。グラスは、冷凍機に入れて、冷やしておきます。グリーンの州でマリファナが合法化されています。(Governing Dataより)Since the Trader Joe’s grocery store is located near our house, I often go there. It’s one of the trendy organic grocery stores.Compared with Wholefoods grocery store, the prices are reasonable.Among our friends, Costco is popular. One of my friends tells me that ...


Great Hair Stylist, soon!

高校生の高校生の息子さんが  私の行きつけのサロンいるなんて見えません!My hairstylist has been trained at Este Lauer, that what I heard about her.She has an assistant hairstylist learning under her. I am talking about this assistant hairstylist today.She is from Mexico. Her Husband is a medical doctor.She was a teacher there. Several years ago, her husband decided to work in the US. ...


Happy New Year!

Even though we live in a Southwest State in US, we can get traditional new year foodsthrough the local Japanese restaurant.They don't look bad at all! I liked the new year flower arrangement at therestaurant's entrance. At home, I ate some of the raw fish in the box,because we have to eat it when it's fresh.Then, I grabbed the wine for the party in ourneighborhood. Since we wen...