I leaned! How to calculate investment income.

My husband and I are not particularly aggressive in investment.But, we are doing ok.He found the chart in the book called "Personal Finance forDUMMIES" by Eric Tyson, MBA.On page 151, there is a table called "The difference a few percent makes"If you have $10,000 invested4% (saving account) $26,658 in 25 years   $48,010 in 40 years 5% (bond) $33,863 $70,000 9% (stocks and $86,231 $314,094inve...


When we had a flat tire, what should we do?

When my friend and I were going to attend the Valentine luncheonorganized by the women's club I belong to the last week, my friend came to my house to pick me up. Then she found out she had a flat tire on her rear end of the car.She told me, "You have to drive to the winery for the luncheon".Our luncheon was going to be held at the old winery. If my friend was going to drive, I was thinking to sip...


Wow, stocks:down, down, up and down!

The U.S. economy is doing fine. Low unemployment,and also, many jobs will come back to U.S. becauseof the new tax law. The corporation tax bill went down from 35% to 21%.Why is U.S. stock market having this mess?One of the reasons is due to the volatility index (VIX).It tells you the expectation of about 30 days of the stock market using S&P 500 index.This was invented by mathematicians andgives t...


Underdogs, won!

Underdog, won!There is an expression called "underdog".For example, yesterday's Super Bowl, most of the people thought that Philadelphia Eagles was going to lose.Eagles were "Underdogs".Look at their record, the last time they won theChampionship game was 3 weeks before President Kennedy'sInauguration. Philadelphia Eagles was an "underdog" by everybody's prediction.On the other hand, quarterback T...


My groups: conservative and liberal

Sometimes it's hard to adjust myself. Brvause,I belong to two completely different groups.Conservative gourmet group:Many of them are church goers and Trump supporters. One woman said that her daughter's marriage is not working out very well. So, she is praying hard. I said that praying will not help save a marriage. She thinks if she prays hard everything will work out. We had a luncheon at our h...