Caution! Passport expiration date

At least 3 months before expiration dateMy husband was getting ready to attend a business meeting at Vienna, Austria.I was going to go along with him.His passport expiration date would be about three months after we are coming backto US.Day before departureWe received an email from the airline company.According to them, they could not issue a boarding pass to him.Because the passport expiration da...





My Mother-in-law:Her Humor

My mother-in-law passed away about 10 years ago.She had a unique humor.Every time when I hear about hacking, especiallytargeting old people, I think about her.She used to receive calls like, “I would like to haveyou tell me your credit card number.”She would have said, “All right! I love numbers,What are your credit card numbers? I will tell you some long number if you will tell me your credit car...



子音の口の開け方私は、最近、ちょっとだけ、英語の言語学っぽいことに興味を持って、調べていたら、、子音には、びっくりするくらい、様々な口の開け方、筋肉の使い方、喉の使い方があるんです。そして「Kk」「Gg」「Rr」の音などは、舌を持ち上げ、喉を開け、軟口蓋(soft palate)を使うんだとか。軟口蓋軟口蓋は、顎の上の部分で、そこを引き上げる運動をしていると、伸びやかな音が出る、歌手には欠かせない運動なんだそうな。...


Neil Diamond is retiring!

When I was driving, I heard the song called, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" on the radio.Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond were singing as a duet. You don't bring me flowers,You don't sing love songs,I was fascinated by how they pronounce /s/ sound. I heard that we place our tongue behind the front teeth to pronounce this sound very closely but not touching it.  /S/ is a voiceless sound, yet Barba...