Risky game

写真:Albuquerque Journal, June 5, 2018 (Drug Enforcement Administrationより)Every time when I turn the TV on or read newspapers, they inform us about the problems of drugs in the US.It seems like that the US has been flooded by cheap heroin or methamphetamine from the Mexican drug cartels.Our local newspaper had a good investigational report on fentanyl soar.• In April, a tractor -trailer...


私の今日のイディオムーbeing called on the carpet

今日の会話の中に出てきたイディオム(慣用句)です。"He was called on the carpet."と友人が言った時、「えっ」って思いました。「なになに?」「カーペットがどうしたのよ?」これは、上の者が部下などに、叱責、罰を与えるために、カーペットが引かれた、立派な部屋に呼び出す・・・なんか、嫌〜なことが起こる前触れを予期させる表現だそうです。昔といっても、1902年頃のアメリカで、カーペットを敷いた部屋などは、金持ち、...


Prediabetes to Diabetes – My lesson

It seems like that I have diabetes now. Last year, for a long time I have had a hamstring pain on my right leg. I called my primary doctor to make an appointment with her.Since she was busy, I was told tosee a nurse practitioner in the meantime. The nurse practitioner’s recommendation was 1) Go to a massage therapist2) Take an oil bath3) Limit exercise to three times a week not every day.I followe...


Iowa - Conservative State?

(Beautifully conservativeon Memorial Day)When I was a student at Iowa State University working for mymaster’s degree, I did not feel that I was at a conservativestate.In the state of Iowa, my husband’s brother, his uncles, and his cousins got degrees in medicine, business, drama, and library science. My husband was in science, and I myself was a journalism major.So, I was surrounded by a relativel...