レトロこの歌ってレトロね、なんていう表現を聞きます。何のことかなあと思ったら、retrospectiveのことでした。retrospectiveは、based on memoryとかdealing with past eventsなどという意味で、私は、自分の中で、過去に起こったことを思い返して、考えてみると、という時に使っていたので、「レトロな曲」という「古いものを懐かしむ懐古趣味」という意味が、ちょっと意外な気持ちでした。でも、辞書で調べたら、確かにそうい...


Bus ride is the recent ticket for the criminals

(リムジン バスって、安全かと思いきや)Chain reactionThe driver of Honda sedan collided to the rear end of Toyota pickupand killed the pick up driver on the interstate in the city I live.The Honda drivers pushed off the pickup to the median. at 2 am. on the last Sunday and a string of four crashes occurred.Then the next crash was by the limousine express bus travellingfrom El Paso to Los Angeles....


Flying an airplane with newly equipped panel

My husband really enjoys flying.So, I fly with him occasionally.After our son was accepted by the US Air Force Academy,my husband started to take flying lessons tokeep up with our son.He bought a used Cessna 172 with a single engine and four seats about 20 years ago.He got a new engine recently.This year, he changed all the avionics and panels in the airplane.This brought his aircraft to a very mo...


Celebration of July 4th in our own style

In these days, we like to spend our July 4th holiday withoutsocializing with friends. My husband is still working, andhe needs relaxation on his vacation.Recent years, we just go to the gym to spendthe time there peacefully.Our gym has been serving hot dogs and burgersover the years on July 4th, they are typical American foodand not particularly healthy, but it’s OK, it’s July 4th after all. It’s...


Our New Air conditioner

$9,000.00!After twenty years of hard working,our air conditioner conked out.So, we had to spend about $9000.00 for the newair conditioner for our 2500 sq. feet house.I calculated our house to be described in the Japanese way: 2500 sq. ft x 0.093=232.5 sq. meters Our air-conditioner unit is made by Carrier Corporation andis both a gas furnace and an air conditioner. This systemgives us the bene...