My social life: Around food

We get together for conversations, well... food is more important for many of us.I was impressed by this 19 year old girl who is studying Environmental engineering.She was helping her grandmother's luncheon serving drinks.About thirty ladies attended for this luncheon. We had mainly healthy salad dishes.We ate in the backyard to keep the house clean.When my husband and I flew the other day, it was...


About Recent Catholic Church

This year, I go to one of the catholic elementary schools once a week to read a book or two as a volunteer.Last week, when I went to the school,I was wearing a brace since I took a fall when I waswalking on a sidewalk.Students asked me, “Why are you wearing a brace?”“When I fell, I got a crack on bone in my hand.”Then, one student told me, “I had a broken bonelast year.” The other student said, “M...


Response from the city

As I reported on my blog on September 10th, I took a fall when I was walking the sidewalk in my neighborhood.One section of the sidewalk concrete was raised over the years. I filed a claim with my city.I asked to fix the sidewalk.The city responded much quicker than I expected by a letter.Maybe because, the injury is involved on the city property.The sidewalk is a city property.The letter said tha...


One early evening, suddenly the unexpected incident

Fall is coming. I decided to enjoy a walk in the neighborhoodafter dinner.I was admiring my neighbor’s well managed front yard.Then suddenly I fell. One section of the sidewalk concretewas raised about 4 inches.(盛り上がっているコンクリート)MY husband was out of town. When my friend called me that night,I mentioned my injury. She suggested to me to put iceon my knee. I did that and it worked rea...


Spike Lee’s New Movie: BlacKkKlansmanを観て, 思ったこと

My husband and I went to see the movie called “BlacKkKlansman “which is the latest movie by Spike Lee.He made this movie, because recently the ugly violence clashesbetween white nationalists and anti-racist protesters.This movie is based on the early 1970s. The story is about Ron (John David Washington. He is a son of Denzel Washington), the first African-American officer hired by the police depa...


My son's 40 years birthday and Senator McCain's friendship with Navy friends

(真ん中の青年は、プロのフットボールの選手でした。だから、背がとても高いのです)When my son became 40 years old recently, his friends mainlyAir Force Academy graduates gave him a very specialgifts.One of the gifts is from one friend who was deployed to Turkey in June.Before his deployment, he got together with his other friends and made a shape of 40 with their bodies celebrating my son’s birthday...