Growing city, Ahmedabad, India

People, people, and a lot of energy! India is famous for their big population (1.358 billion, 2018).Number one is China (1.415 billion, 2018).But India’s population will be beyond China in the near future,that is a prediction by many sources.Why so many people?Their marriage age is young and it is encouraged to have manychildren in Hindu religion. Sons are more important than daughters, becauseso...



Students love guestsWhen I went to the school to read books to the students this week,one student came out of the classroom.He was holding his front. It looked like that he was getting ready to go to thebathroom. But, he wanted to say, “Hello “and waved at me.I told him, “Hurry! Go to the restroom first!”At any school I visit, students like to have guests, becausethey love to experience something...


Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

When I was boiling hot water, I was thinking howhot air balloons rise. When the water started to boil, air was heated and started to go higher in the air.This year, we are planning to go to the balloon festival in our state.My husband’s brother wanted to see the process ofigniting the balloons in the field.The balloons have a burner in the bottom and mixes propane gas and oxygen to ignite. This i...