India: Young Energy, My Most Strong Impression in 2018

My husband and I arrived at midnight in Ahmedabad, Indiain late October. It was hot and many people were on motorcycles at midnight. Sometimes, three or four people were in theback seat. Wow, a whole family on one motorcycle? They were not wearing seat belts. We would get a ticket frompolice officers in U.S. It was a very active midnight scene. We were thinking,“Do they ever sleep in this city?”P...


Elton John Concert: Canceled My Birthday Present

Right on Thanksgiving Day, another of my trips started.This year, for some reasons, I have been travelingmore than I want and I need!(From the airport to another airport)So far, I travelled to the following states and countries this year.(Apr.) I accompanied my husband to his high school reunion in Iowa.(May) This good wife accompanied him to a conference in Austria.(Jul.) My husband followed m...