Is it true that being bilingual delays Alzheimer disease?

(www.Altzheers.net)Being bilingual delays Alzheimer, I hopeI heard it’s possible. But, to have a conclusion between bilingualism and a lower risk of Alzheimer needs much more research according to the study by Mayo Clinic.I came to the U.S. more than 40 years ago. I was already 30 years old when I came to this country. I was always concerned about my accent and tried to position my tongue in the r...


Unpaid Federal Workers are paying the price for the Wall

No checksIt’s been almost one month since government workers have not been paid. President Trump decided to shut down the government until he gets the budget to build the wallbetween the United States and Mexico for the immigration.Because of the many illegal immigrants, drugs, other contrabands are coming to the U.S.,the Trump administration wants to enforce border securityto prevent this.Federa...


In Manhattan: Avenues and Streets

I usually follow my son or my husband around when we arein New York City. But this time, I decided to go to several places by myself. Yes, I’m trying to bea little more independent nowadays. I reviewed my knowledge ofthe city with a map of Manhattan and remembered a few rulesto help me keep a mental map in my head.First of all, Avenues run north and south.Streets run east and west. Even numbered A...