Financial Plan after Retirement

Well, we all go there,” retirement”.I retired several years ago. My husband is still working.He is really enjoying his job having fun and no planto retire soon. He is 70 years old and he is a scientist.I was a school librarian and I enjoyed reading stories to elementary school children.I published 6 books, mainly how to usechildren’s picture books in Englisheducation.I love writing, but my love of...


My Financial Lesson 101

I’m not involved with our retirement plan. My husbandtakes care of most of it. But, I started to think thatI should know at least the basic of our financial plan.Today’s lesson I learned is about compound interest.Compound interestCompound interest can earn money you invest, and that is not all. In addition to the money you invest, you can earn compound interest, which means you can earn regular i...


China is not accepting plastic recycling, what shall we do with them?

(photo credit: Goats and Soda, June 28, 2018)The U.S. and other developed countries have been conveniently sending plastic waste to China formore than 25 years.Beginning in January 2018, China decided not to import plastic waste. Why? In order to protect the health of the Chinese people. We often heard from travelers returning from China that China’s air was polluted, yellow and it was hard to bre...