Elementary Schools Are Changing into Nursing Homes

More old people than young peopleWhen I went to Japan last year, our friend was giving us a tour around his house near the beach in Kanagawa Pref.He pointed out one of the buildings and said,” That was an elementary school, but we don’t have enough children now, it’s converting to a nursing home. More elderlypeople than young children.”I felt sad even though this must be a world phenomenonamong hi...


This old lady is looking back at her life in the U.S.

I was born in Sakhalin during the World War II.Women's movement in 1970s in JapanThe reason I came to the U.S.in 1973 is not pursuing the equal opportunity in the working situation. In the 1970s, the women’s movement in Japan was relatively strong. This is because, Japan was a historically very strong male dominated society and that drove women to be fed up with it and seek change.Around the 1970...