American Farmers and Tarif on China

President Trump is trying to impose tariff on soybeans.That will definitely cause problems farmers in the USA. We have a little farm in Iowa. My husband inherited about 80 acers of farm land from hisparents. He feels good to have a farm eventhough it’s a little farm from a farmer’sstand point of view.Since he does not have time to work on farm,a young farmer who studied agricultureat a college in ...


Thunderbirds - How Fun!

My husband and I went to see the Thunderbird showby the United States Air Force.It’s purely an entertainment show. But, the pilotswho fly F-16s are elites among elites.To see this show, about 35,000 people went to theair force base in our city.We missed it, but World War II-era planes and theAir Force Academy’s Wings of Blue parachute team performed, too.The 6 F-16 pilots flying the show performed...


Tuition in Various Universities (Undergraduate)

Our discussion group that meets once a month, talkedabout college tuition. Many students who getstudent loans are in debt after graduating from college. We took a look on how much college tuition costs inthe U.S. Students in state vs. out of stateState college tuition in the state where we live is$7,340.00 in 2016 for in state students In contrast, the cost for out of state students goes all the ...


The most paid job in each state in the U.S.A.

The below is the map of the job with the highest meanannual salary in 2018 among occupationsexcluding doctors. Doctors are well paid.But, their salaries differ in each of their fields.(If you can't see the picture, paste the address).https://www.businessinsider.com/what-are-the-highest-paying-job-map-most-common-jobs-2019-4?utm_content=bufferf6e2f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_camp...