Joi Ito who stepped down from the director of MIT’s Media Lab is a Japanese!

When I was making the morning coffee, my husband told me to read the story in the morning paper that the director of MIT’s Media Labsteps down over Epstein ties.(Albuquerque Journal September 8. 2019 ,Associated Press )When we attended one of the MIT reunions, my husband’s class’sbanquet was held at the MIT Media Lab. We discussed that theMedia Lab looks very modern. Other traditional scientificcl...


Confusing? North America, South America, and Central America

I used to work as a librarian at one of the public schools in New Mexico.I retired about 10 years ago from the school system.When I was working, there were many students whose parents were immigrants fromMexico. So, I wrote about that in my new up coming book about this.I wanted to introduce the geographical data about my school to the Japanesereaders. It would explain how to teach English languag...