Fun to write in English!

Suddenly, in my 70s, I started to feel it is fun to write my blog, my e-mail and otherwritings in English. When I was working as a librarian at an elementaryschool in the city where I live, one of the first-grade teachers told me that her students love to write sentences at the end of the first grade. They skipped periods and commas. So, all in one long sentence.And they used their own invented sp...


About Kurds and ISIS - Women's Study Group in One Afternoon

What can we discuss about recent problems caused byPresident Trump withdrawing the U.S. troops from northern Syria.(Vox .com Oct.16)This is a hard area for our women’s discussion group totalk about. Because, this is a religious war. We don’t want to be involvedwith someone else’s fight over religion.We summarized what we know:1. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.2. Our group read tha...


In Osaka...I met a blog friend through Akira Fuse's blog.

The last month, my husband attended one of a scientific conferencesponsored by Osaka University. So, I accompanied him as usual.When I was introducing the American children’s picture books to Japanese teachers of English more than 15 years ago, I went to Osaka once just to give a seminar. So, I was looking forward to this trip to Osaka.There was a special tour for the accompanying person to visitO...