Now, Everybody is familiar with "Quid pro quo"

I hear that 60% of the English Language comes from Latin.But also, I learned that English is a Germanic language. Really?The Germanic languages are related with Swedish, Dutch and German.However, a significant portion of the English vocabulary comes fromLatin.The reason I started to think of English languagethat has a Latin influence is that I kept hearing“quid pro quo” over and over on TV.I was n...


I Tried to Master These Words That Appeared in a Recent News Article

Halloween is over, but... When I was reading an article from the Associated Press on November 19 on President Trump’s impeachment inquiry,the following words appeared several times in the article:“denounce, ousted, extortion, dismissive, apprehension, denounce, assail, censure, intimidating, and probe”. I decided to write two stories using the above words tolearn the meaning of these words.They a...


Elton John's Powerful Farewell Performance

Last year, my son bought Elton John’s farewellconcert tickets for me and his father as a part ofmy birthday present (He charged to his father’s creditcard). My son’s condominium is located in Tampa Bay, Florida and Elton’s farewell concert was scheduled to be held at Amalie Arena Hockey stadium last year. But Elton had an ear infection and canceled his concert at the last minute.Actually, his conc...