Safety Issues of Helicopter Company: Thinking of Kobe Bryant's Death

(Picture: The Albuquerque Journal 1/27/2020)Are helicopters safe? My son had a helicopter ride in New York city,several years ago to tour New York City. Several months later,a helicopter from the same helicopter company crashed in the Hudson river. He also enjoyed flying over the Hawaiian Islands by a helicopter tour company. My son found out that another helicopter alsocrashed in Hawaii and sev...


Whiskey and Health Benefit

My Jack. My husband's Tequila. He mixes with citrus juice . Mine is healthier.----------------------------------I am standing by the entrance of being diabetes for more than20 years. I have not been taking any medication, only vitamins.I’m in my 70s. I go to the gym everyday for about fifty minutes. I eat vegetablesand fruits in moderate amounts. They are broccoli, cherry tomatoes,asparagus, lettu...


Like Father, Like Son: Corvette Fever

When my husband was about 10 years old, he saw a Corvette bythe lake. He told his grandfather, “I want to have that car when I grow up. His grandfather told him,” To have that car, you must have areally good job.” Well, after my husband received his PhD in Physics at age 27, he boughta white used 1974 Corvette. Every so often, from time to time,he has been buying his childhood dream car and he now...