Who Are Supporting Sanders? Who Are Supporting Trump?

(Pictures are from Fox News) AOC will be his running mate?Sanders supporters are young and they are unified and extreme. The 78 years old Vermont senator received 46 % of the votes in Nevada caucus. The former Vice President Joe Biden was a distant second and he received 19.6 % of the votes.In Nevada, Bernie Sanders supporters...


Coronavirus: The Threatening Infectious to the World

Every day, when I listen to the news on Coronavirus, the numbers of the fatalities rate and infected people go up.There are about 400 Americans on board a cruise ship in Yokohama harborthat was infected by one Chinse passenger. The U.S. State Department made an announcement that they would provide a charter aircraft to bring U.S residents back to the U.S.( Cruise ship, "Diamond Princess" in Yokoha...


Phonics Lesson In The U.S. - Consonants First!

When I went to one of the kindergarten classes to read books,I was a little astonished by seeing that students weretaught consonants first. The list of vowels was on the wall.But, kindergarten students were practicing the sounds of consonants and writing consonant letters everyday first thing in the morning.The Japanese language is dominated by vowels. But English language is dominated by consonan...