Health Issues in 70s

(PHOTO: ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS, The Wall Street Journal 3/4/20)About two to three years ago, my doctor said to methat my body is about 13 years younger than my actualage. Really?I was born with dislocation of a hip joint. So, I had a caston my left hip when I was a little over two yearsold. Then, much later, I had a total hip surgery when I was in my 50s. That was about 20 years ago. After I reti...


Corona Report, As of March 22, 2020

Coronavirus cases in the world: 318,5050 / Death: 13,671U.S.A. 26,905 / Death:348China 81,054 / Death: 3,261Italy 59,138 / Deal 5,476Japan 1,054 / Deaths: 36(from Worldometer) (a grocery store in LA....


Since I Have Lived Some Tough Times

My parents lost all their assets in Sakhalin. I heard that we owned 3 mountains there.My father had a stroke when he was 42 years old.He stayed in bed for about 8 years and passed awaywhen he was only 50 years.We had barely enough money to send me to a college.But, I appreciated that I could go to college and graduated.Going to the college was the most important experience inmy younger days. Talki...


Let’s Learn More Consonants: C&K, G and Q

Letters C & KRemember that the letter c and k have the samepronunciation, with [k].If the letter “C” is followed by the letters “A”, “O”, or “U”,it can be pronounced as a /K/sound.Your throat open and release with puff of air.We made the following sentences and played with my friendHana and Nina who go to school in this state.1)My cat can come on the cab,/k/ /k/ /k/ cab.My cat is cold in the cag...