Unbalanced Diet During CORVID-19

My husband’s diet is very limited.He does not eat chicken or eggs. He says chickens are a lower life form.Pork has too much fat. But he likes ham.His mother had never cooked fish.So, he does not eat fish.It means that I cook beef every day. I would cook thin steak and dishesusing ground beef: soups, meat balls with vegetables, beef andbroccoli in sauce.Fortunately, there are many recipes using gro...


Four Days Work, 10 Days Off!

Our life is going to be changed by the worldwide COVID-19 spread.Recently, I only go to grocery stores in my neighborhood,and bakery stores to get fresh breads. The only very busybusiness around my house is yard maintenance.Their trucks are always parked around our house. Andthey are busy! We have to wait at least two to threeweeks to receive their service. It cost at least,$500 dollars. That’s a ...


Navajo Medicine Men Touching and Breathing into the Face to Treat Corona Patients

  (map: navajobusiness.com)(reference: https://www.nbcnews.com/ No running water in Navajo Nation)When COVID 19 launched at the Navajo reservation, it spreadvery quickly. Navajo Nation is in a large portion of Arizona, aswell as a part of southern Utah and northwestern NewMexico. Their infection rate there is very high and it is right behind NewYork and New Jersey. The Navajo Nation ...