White Police Officers and Black Americans

There are so many cases of black people who have been killed by police officers in the US.In many cases, the police officers were not charged. I was wondering why the police officers had to kill black people. The police operate in a challenging job where they are authorized to use deadly force with their guns when warranted. In my personal opinion, it is a challenging environment where emotions c...


Going Back To History of Slavery For My Own Review

(Flag of USA.From Wikipedia)(Flags of the Confederate States of America. From Wikipedia )I started to read about slavery to find out how this dark history started.Surprisingly, it started way back in 3500 BCE. Slavery became common within Europe during the Early Middle Ages and it continued on for many centuries.The Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, British, Arabs and a number of West African ki...


Relationship Between Stock Market and Race Crisis

(CNBC May 2020, Minneapolis Minnesota/One of quiet gatherings pictured in LA)The U.S. is in turmoil after the death of George Floyd.He was a black man and choked to death by one of the policeofficers in Minneapolis.Ever since that, riots after riots hit all over the cities inAmerica.I think that the riots are fueled by a frustration that racism continues to exist in America despite a continued eff...