Corona Diary

(Sir Richard Dearlove, picture from The Jerusalem Post, June 7, 2020)) (Asian Scientist, February 25, 2020)I read, “A former head of the British intelligence agency MI6 has said that he believes the COVID-19 virus was created in a lab and spread accidentally.”That is common knowledge now.Speaking to The Telegraph's Planet Normal podcast, Sir Richard Dearlove cited recent research which claimed to ...


Climate Change and Politics

(Picture: Solar Energy. the New York Times 7/17/2020)I have a discussion group. We met once a month beforeCorvid-19 pandemic.One of our members was always concerned about the environment, rising water and melting ice in the north pole and pollution by car exhaustion. Another member was driving a Toyota Hybrid Prius Prime. According to her, hybrid car owners don’t have to pay parking fees in the do...


President's Niece's View of Donald Trump

The president Trump’s niece wrote a book,and she called the president a ‘sociopath’ andnarcissist.Very recently, John Bolton’s book, “The Room WhereIt Happened” described the president as“a president ignorant of basic geopolitical facts and whose decisions were frequently driven by a desire for re-election.”Now, Mary Trump, the president’s niece who is a psychologist,has a new book that is coming ...


I Might Have Been Infected by Corona

I was in New York during the Christmas, New Year season last year.Two weeks later, after I came back from New York City, I had a very bad cold. I go to the gym almostevery day. I simply thought I got a bad cold at the gym.We touch bicycles, treadmills, weight lifting bars and work with other various exercise machines at the gym.I simply thought that I was contaminated by variousgerms since I walke...