When we had a flat tire, what should we do?

When my friend and I were going to attend the Valentine luncheon
organized by the women's club I belong to the last week,
my friend came to my house to pick me up. Then she
found out she had a flat tire on her rear end of the car.

She told me, "You have to drive to the winery for the luncheon".

Our luncheon was going to be held at the old winery. If my friend
was going to drive, I was thinking to sip one or two glasses
of wine. Now, I had to drive, I better not to drink at all. OK.

After the luncheon, we came back to my house and
she called AAA roadside service to exchange the flat tire with
the spare. It took about 30 minutes before the man
came to replace the tire.

I told this story to my husband and he said that
my Cadillac, XTS could keep driving to the dealer or
tire stores without changing the tire when I get a
flat tire.

Why? My car has a turbocharger and it is considered as a sports car.
He said, "Just like my Corvette." My XTS is equipped with very
good run tires just like sport cars. That makes it possible to drive
for a while with a flat tire.

I'm glad to know that. I don't need to call the roadside
service and wait on the freeway or wherever for 30 minutes.
Somewhat that seems easier for me. Doesn't it?

Anyway, my friend tasted two glasses of white wine,
two glasses of red wine and even desert wine. Me?
No drink at all! I was a simply her driver that day.