Social security benefit

I retired from the public schools in our district when I was 64 years old and
started receiving my social security at that year.

My husband is still working a full time at one of the research facilities in
our state.

He wanted to delay his social security until he was 70 years old.
By delaying receiving age until 70 years old, he can get a monthly benefit
that is 132 percent larger.

In the meantime, he found out that he can receive half of my social security.
So, he decided to do that at 66 years old.

Now, he will be 70 years old soon, he is making an arrangement to receive
his social security. If he waits longer, there is no more increase in his benefit.
One consideration is whether I should get half of his benefit or
I should just continue to receive my own. We wanted to calculate
which is better, but there is no sample calculation available.

We wanted to make an appointment with a social security official. But,
we found out that it was so hard to ask one question over the phone.
We went to a local office to ask this question but we were told that
we have to make a phone call first and make an appointment for the question.
After several phone calls, we finally made an appointment to ask
which is more beneficial for me.

Is it better to keep my own social security payment or take half of
my husband's benefit?

After they made a calculation, we found out that I can make
a little more money to go under my husband. It took almost three months
to go through this one little question, because how to calculate is difficult
since each case is so different.

It was a very complicated process we had to go through to ask this one little question.

I hope there is a way to make it a little bit simpler in the bureaucracy.

For your reference:

Social security earliest receiving age 62: 75% of the monthly benefit.

Social security age 66: 100 % of the monthly benefit.

Social security age 70: 132 % of the monthly benefit.

Social securiyは、社会保障と訳されていますが、日本の厚生年金に似たようなものではないでしょうか。