The Second Amendment has been in effect in the U.S.A. since the revolutionary war

During the revolutionary war, the citizens of the United States
decided to defend themselves.

The Second Amendment in the United State Constitution states that
the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

After the recent South Florida high school shooting, seventeen students
and faculty members were killed. The survivors of the school marched
on Washington, D.C. to call for gun control and school safety.

Unfortunately, gun control is very difficult in the U.S. because
many politicians were getting donations from NRA (National Rifle Associations)
to be elected. NRA is very powerful organization.

Many presidents tried gun control, but no presidents have passed gun control.
In addition, many citizens want to have guns to protect themselves.

From New York to Los Angeles, nationwide students walked out of class
to change gun control laws.

President Trump is suggesting to train teachers at school to be armed.
But, teachers are supposed to teach. They have to prepare lessons and
grade papers. On top of these duties, they have to learn how to shoot?

I already heard on the news that one teacher's gun discharged by mistake
during teaching in the classroom, that teacher is on leave from work, now.

I am a retired school librarian. I would be very afraid to keep a gun in the library.
So many different students and teachers would come to the library. I don't
know where to keep the gun in the library. Usually, during the
library time, teachers use the time as their prep time and
leave the students in the library. Librarians had to watch
all the students' behavior. Some students might be very interested in
the library's gun. Where does she/he keep the gun? Can we take a look?
They are very curious kids.

The Florida governor was sued by NRA by raising the age of gun
buying from 18 years old to 21.

Gun control is very difficult to be solved anytime soon. In the meantime,
school shootings might happen anywhere in the U.S. But, our voice
should be listened.




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