What I saw in Vienna as one of the most prosperous European cities

Austrian Airlines
After my husband’s passport date was extended one year, we flew to Vienna, Austria.

At the airport, clubs are combined with Lufthansa, Austria, and Swiss Airlines.
The food was relatively good. I was shocked by Austrian Airline’s flight attendants’ bright red uniforms. Suits, belt, and even stockings are bright red. Red brightened up our late flight to Vienna

I did not know too much about Vienna. I knew about the Vienna Boys’ Choir. I also knew that Austria parted from Germany. My Knowledge about Austria is very limited. Most of them speak German, I’m familiar with Vienna sausage, Mozart, Vienna Philharmonic and
many people call this city Wien in German instead of Vienna.

Vienna hosts many International organizations including the United Nations in Europe. My husband came here to attend one of the UN meetings.

The city is very clean and many flowers were blooming at the end of April. Our hotel was close by Stadt Park. I saw there many musicians’ monuments. Johann Strauss was one of them. Many families were relaxing and enjoying the park.


St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Elaborate architecture with tiles and stone works. My husband asked how many years it
took to finish building this church at the information desk. The man said,”400 years.” 400 years! The Catholic church had money to finish this project.

This was a mother church of Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna.
No wonder.


House of Mozart
I went to visit the house of Mozart, the house he lived when he was in Vienna. I heard on the tape that he was very successful as a composer and pianist. But his extravagant
lifestyle caused financial problems. The other story is that he lost a lot of money
in gambling.
He was only 35 years old when he died.


Concert of Mozart
My husband’s committee arranged to attend a Mozart concert.
The concert was held at the historical Great Hall.

I’m not very familiar with classical music. But this concert was great. I knew most of the titles played by them: Marriage of Figaro, Turkish March, and Horn Concert No.3 in E Flat.

All the musicians were wearing a costume and wig of the Mozart era.

The music of the night was not serious and deep but very enjoyable. Music is something we have to enjoy,
exciting, involving and sharing. This night, every element was there about music.
The architecture of this hall was great. This hall was built in 1870. Many musicians love to play here
because of unique architecture and acoustic master piece.


Russian girl told me about this city
At the dinner, I met one Russian woman scientist. She must be the early 30s. She works as a committee member for United Nation’s Scientific organization in Vienna.

According to her, compared to St Petersburg, Russia where she used to work,
Vienna is too quiet and slow for her.

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and the city does not stop until two o’clock in the morning: restaurants, bars and stores. But, in Vienna, stores are
closed at 7:00 every night. So, she saved a lot of money since she had no place to spend it. However, she told me that she was going to apply for a job to stay in
Vienna after her assignment is over at UN. I think that St. Petersburg has many places to spend money but, it’s a communism country after all, people are not paid well. Exciting! But not well paid, I see.

My conclusion. I want go back to Vienna, again. Next Year?