School Shooting

One student’s Comment on TV
One of the high school girl‘s whose school had a shooting today (5/18)
told one of the reporters that she did not know the shooting
was going to occur today, but somewhere in her mind,
she thought that it would happen at her school one of these days.
It’s sad that high school students are expecting a shooting
when they go to school every day.

This was 22nd school shooting this year.

Gun Lobby Power
It is hard to change the gun control laws in USA.
Because the gun lobbyists are very powerful.
They advocate for gun rights.
It started as an effort that allowed US citizens
to defend the US from an invasion of Britain soldiers right
after the Revolutionary War.

It means that gun control is very difficult.
We will have another school shooting somewhere
someday again.

I used to work for a public school. So, I know that schools are
very easy to enter without any ids. Repair persons,
parents, volunteer workers and others can go in to schools.
Yes, we have to sign up as the visitor’s notebook.
But, we can write the wrong name. We can tell a lie
about the purpose of visitation.

Why Shooting?
Students who are bullied by other students become
very unstable. They would start to show interests towards guns
as a revenge.

Other young people are simply interested in guns. One family
we used to know owned guns. Father disassembled the guns
and hid in different places in the house. But their son’s fascination
towards the guns escalated. He found the various parts of the guns
in the house and reassembled. But he did not know anything about
the safety of handling guns. He shot himself when he was
reassembling by mistake. He died. That is the family tragedy
that we saw closely.

When you think about revenge, violence, and suicide, guns are easy to
reach. They are several hundred dollars. You can buy a gun in any US city.

It is sad, but it will happen again. If the President and Congress
don’t do anything、young bright people are dying by this nonsense.




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