Prediabetes to Diabetes – My lesson

It seems like that I have diabetes now.

Last year, for a long time I have had a hamstring pain
on my right leg.

I called my primary doctor to make an appointment with her.
Since she was busy, I was told to
see a nurse practitioner in the meantime.

The nurse practitioner’s recommendation was

1) Go to a massage therapist
2) Take an oil bath
3) Limit exercise to three times a week not every day.

I followed her but my hamstring pain did not
go away.

My next step was to go to see a chiropractor.
He said:

I should not go to the gym when I have pain especially at my age
(70’s). House chores are good exercise and I should walk
the neighborhood.

No work out in my age at the gym (he emphasized no exercise at my age).
I followed his advice diligently and no gym. So, as my exercise,
I walked only my neighborhood about 20 minutes daily for four months.

But, unfortunately my hamstring pain did not go away
and finally, the day with my primary
doctor came. She said that my next step should be to see my
orthopedic and he would send me to the physical therapist.

This was a good move. The physical therapist introduced me several
stretch exercises and told me, “I don’t agree with your chiropractor,
you should keep going to your gym and work out on a stationary bike,
a tread mill, and a rowing boat machine just like you used to”.

I was so glad to be able to go back to the gym, because
I feel good after a workout. The therapist suggested that
I should alternate walking and gym exercises.

But the time from my visit to the chiropractor and when I finally saw
the physical therapist was almost 4 months.
Because of my lack of the exercise,
I started to have tingling and numbness on my feet
when I was walking. Something was wrong!

My primary doctor said that
my diabetic advanced from prediabetic to being real “diabetic”.

She decided to send me to the neuroscience to check my diabetic level.
But I have to wait 2 months to be seen by the specialist.

Anyway, I’m going to Japan for fun at the end of July.
Plans were made already. I will monitor my blood sugar level
which is not too bad recently because of my exercises and my low sugar diet.

What I learned from this experience is that we really need to
monitor ourselves, and not blindly follow our doctors.

If we feel questionable about the doctor’s or specialist’s
decision, we have to think about the next
step seriously. Go get a second opinion or
check with websites and research on our own.

My lesson: I should have continued my exercise.
I should have gone to the physical therapist much earlier
for learning about stretch exercises.