Risky game


写真:Albuquerque Journal, June 5, 2018
(Drug Enforcement Administrationより)

Every time when I turn the TV on or read newspapers, they inform us about
the problems of drugs in the US.

It seems like that the US has been flooded by cheap heroin or
methamphetamine from the Mexican drug cartels.

Our local newspaper had a good investigational report on fentanyl soar.

• In April, a tractor -trailer was stopped by police near Kearney, Nebraska, with
118 pounds of pure fentanyl which would be enough to kill 26 million people.
It was headed to the East Coast.

• In March, a narcotics agency in New York City seized more than 44 pounds of
fentanyl at a hotel, and another 100 pounds seizure with the smuggling
organization, it came to Arizona and headed to the New York City.

• In February, in Boston 33 pounds of heroin and fentanyl was seized.

These are a small number of seizures of fentanyl. It’s just showing that it’s soaring.
I read that most of the fentanyl come from China and then to Mexico.
The chemical industry has boomed in China recent years. China is having difficulty
to control this because the number of chemical plants and laboratories are more than

In summary, fentanyl from China is being to Mexico and to be shipped to
the US.

Fentanyl can be used as a painkiller for cancer and degenerating bone killer.
Pharmaceutical companies are using fentanyl to sell as a painkiller and
patients would be addicted eventually. Everything is about money and business.
This situation is risky for all of us.

About 20 years ago, I had total hip surgery, after the surgery, my nurse told me that
whenever I felt pain I should turn the button on which was attached to me by the tube.
It contained morphine, which according to the nurse, “It’s ok for you to turn
the morphine button since you need to sleep tonight. Don’t worry”. I’m glad
this was only for one night. I was not addicted.





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Risky Game