One Saturday Morning

My husband told me to come to fly with him on Saturday.
He owns a very old but well-maintained Cessna 172.

He said that we can get free hamburgers and hot dogs because
of the special event.

I love free lunch and free souvenirs, I decided to fly with
him on Saturday morning. I could not reject free things.

Aircraft manufactures were giving an exhibition for general
aviation to promote avionic products.


model airplane


General aviation means usually small privately-owned planes,
not military planes and not commercial airlines, which includes
corporate aircraft as well as medical ambulance. They are
operated by civilians.

First, I went to fly with my husband.
He wanted to show off his newly equipped gadgets.


The left panel shows attitude, ground speed, altitude vertical speed and course deviation. The right panel is a touch screen GPS Navigator.

pink line

The pink line tells you the straight line to your destination.

avionic stack

This is the avionic stack for my husband's airplane.

It was a nice sunny day. It was an almost perfect day for

We flew about 5,000 feet above the ground.
It means that 5,000 feet closer to the Sun and sunburn
is bad for my old lady’s skin.

When we came back, it was a lunch time.

free lunch


Many airplanes were displayed.

One interesting booth was by high school students who
want to be a pilot in the future. It is one of the chartert schools.
This school has a general high school curriculum emphasizing


This kind of high schools for job training is becoming popular in the USA.

It’s a good idea to focus their future in their young age. 
But,I thought that it is almost impossible to have such
a high school in Japan.

Because, general aviation is very expensive and restricted there.

Anyway, I got hats, pen, and junk food.
By the way, Garmin is a company that created a touchscreen
navigator. It’s considered as a leading manufacurer
in this business.