Growing city, Ahmedabad, India

People, people, and a lot of energy!

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India is famous for their big population (1.358 billion, 2018).

Number one is China (1.415 billion, 2018).
But India’s population will be beyond China in the near future,
that is a prediction by many sources.

Why so many people?
Their marriage age is young and it is encouraged to have many
children in Hindu religion. Sons are more important than daughters, because
sons are the one to bring money and wealth.

Recently, I accompanied my husband who attended
a scientific conference. Before this trip, we had to take anti-malaria,
and diarrhea medicines in case we may have a problem.

We were told to drink only bottled water even
rinsing a tooth brush and eat only at the five starred American
hotels. No, alcohol in this city!

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(beautiful hand woven shawls)  (fresh veggies!)

We could not get the visas almost until right before
departure. The reason is that my husband was going to attend the
science conference. They worried about scientific smugglers to India.

Several scientists from other counties could not get visas.
So, the attendants for this conference were smaller than expected.

As for us, after 16 hours of airplane ride from New York, we arrived
in New Delhi. But, we had to take another two hours of flying to Ahmedabad
where Gandhi lived.

IMG_2878.jpg IMG_2941.jpg (Gandhi's house arrest)

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Even though we arrived at midnight, motorcycles were everywhere!
Sometimes, four people were on one motorcycle. Ladies
wear Indian’s traditional long dress, so, they sit sideways on motorcycle
without any seat belt.


Kind people
At the Marriott Hotel where we stayed, workers tried to please us so hard.
Cleaning crews always left a little note with flower pedals or
folding towels in bird shapes on the bed saying pleasure working for you.

My impression was that people are calm. Maybe, one of the reasons is
that Gandhi lived here. He led non-violent independent movement against
British. He told Indians to weave their own clothes instead of paying
ridiculously priced tax by British.




Women in science


These women have PhDs in their area of science.
They were dressed in their traditional dresses at the party.

I heard that India's median age is 27 years old. They have
young economic force. Many young people choose to
study engineering, some worry about too many engineers.
That's all right, just do not hack my computer.

It's nice to feel young energy in the city.