One of the typical western cities - environmental concerns come first

One of the typical western cities-environmental concerns
come first.


Four days after coming back from Ahmedabad, India,
we had to fly to Portland Oregon. My husband had a
conference there. I tried to accompany his meetings
and see the different cities, but this trip was
a little hard for me.

In Ahmedabad, the average temperature was about 110 degrees
(47 C)everyday. But in Portland with rain and high humidity,
the average temperature was 44 degrees (7 C).

I felt warmer when it was 47 degrees.

Hard for my old body. Really tired!

Usually, the conference organizers introduce us to the best
places to visit in the city.

With the other wives who came with their husbands to the conference,
we divided ourselves into the different groups and shared the cost of the guide and van
to visit places. But in Portland, except visiting gouges, we used city transportation
called Hop-on, Hop off. Fare is $25 for a week.

1)Multnomah Falls and other gorges
In Oregon, water regularly flows upon high (620 feet 189 m terrain).
Beautiful but, steep highking trail are available. Gorges fed by
rainwater and snowmelt, the falls runs year-round.


IMG_3193.jpg IMG_3206.jpg IMG_3200.jpg IMG_3174.jpg IMG_3190.jpg IMG_3211.jpg

There are not many garbage cans, people pick up trash
and take it home. Some people come just pick up trashes
on this hiking trail. Very environmental thinking goes on
throughout the state.

2) Portland Art Museum

Smithsonian Museums exhibition comes periodically to
this museum: the oldest museum on the West Coast.
Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art
(closely tied to waka poetry in the paintings)

IMG_3229.jpg IMG_3234.jpg IMG_3235.jpg IMG_3231.jpg IMG_3236.jpg IMG_3227.jpg

Modern Realism
Paintings show both the optimism and the apprehension
of the World War II.

IMG_3241.jpg IMG_3242.jpg IMG_3239.jpg

3) Powell’s Book Store: The World’s biggest independent
book store.
New, old, out of print, and rare books. There are four
stores in Portland.

IMG_3130.jpg IMG_3139.jpg  

I bought the picture book on Trump.

4) Lan Su Chinese Garden
This Chinese garden is located in downtown Portland.
It is the sister city of Suzhou not far from Shanghai. All
trees, stones, and workers came from China to reproduce
authentic garden. We can sip Chinese tea at the teahouse.

IMG_3268.jpg IMG_3266.jpg IMG_3255.jpg IMG_3256.jpg IMG_3244.jpg IMG_3251.jpg

Over all, Portland is a clean and nice city. Maybe,
this must be one of the phenomena in the Western states.
Senators and House of Representatives are all Democrats
and strong environmentalists.

In a way, saturated and I did not feel the energy, which I felt in





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