Elton John Concert: Canceled My Birthday Present

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Right on Thanksgiving Day, another of my trips started.
This year, for some reasons, I have been traveling
more than I want and I need!


(From the airport to another airport)

So far, I travelled to the following states and countries this year.

(Apr.) I accompanied my husband to his high school reunion in Iowa.
(May) This good wife accompanied him to a conference in Austria.
(Jul.) My husband followed me to Japan to listen to Akira Fuse’s
Jazz and I met with my editorial staff for my new book.
(Oct.) I accompanied my husband on another conference to India. I had to take
   all kinds of medications and shots to go to this exotic and energetic country.
(Nov.) I accompanied my husband on yet another conference to Portland, Oregon.

To L.A.
Earlier in the year, I told my son that I wanted to go to
Elton John’s concert who has been traveling to the US
as his retirement tour.

My son checked the schedule and found out Elton is coming to
his city, Tampa, Florida and the scheduled date was November 28th.
He thought it would be a really cool birthday present to his mother whose
birthday is November 20th. He thought the whole family
should go together. So, he talked to his father and bought 3 tickets
for the concert. Of course, his father financed the tickets which
costed $300.00 each.

My son, who works for one of the commercial airlines, had to
fly on Thanksgiving Day, which was November 22nd , this year.
He told his parents, “I have to fly on Thanksgiving Day to LA.
If you can come to LA on Thanksgiving Day, we will have
a nice Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant by Redondo Beach

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( Beautiful sunset scenes at Redondo Beach.)

To New York
He continued, "The next day I have to fly to NY, why don’t you fly
with me as passengers to NY, then we can go from NY to
Tampa the next day. "

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So, LA, NY, and Tampa trips were added on my trip list. Indeed,
I have traveled a lot this past year.

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The Lincoln Tunnel showing here runs under the Hudson River, impressive!
We ate New York steak in New York.

To Tampa Bay, Florida

I was watching the Hockey Stadium from my son's condo.
Elton John's concert was planned to be held there.
I was thinking whether I should wear
sneakers or not since we would walk there.

But, listen to me. The punchline of this story is that Elton John
cancelled his concert on 28th. Or, more like he postponed the
concert. Unfortunately, he had an ear infection. I hope he will be
all right to continue his retirement tour since he is 71 years old.

Anyway, I was sitting by the window of the condo watching
the river and the ocean. Watching water makes me always
very peaceful.

"That's all right, Elton. Take care".


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I will rest up well by Elton's concert in 2019. November? Stay tuned.

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I will be one more year older next year. Another year and another set of Xmas
decorations will be here in Tampa. See you, then.