India: Young Energy, My Most Strong Impression in 2018

My husband and I arrived at midnight in Ahmedabad, India
in late October. It was hot and many people were on motorcycles
at midnight. Sometimes, three or four people were in the
back seat. Wow, a whole family on one motorcycle?
They were not wearing seat belts. We would get a ticket from
police officers in U.S.

It was a very active midnight scene. We were thinking,
“Do they ever sleep in this city?”



China has the most population now. The list of the world population
is as follows:

Number 1: China 1,415,045,928
Number 2: India 1,354,051,854
Number 3: U.S. 326,766,748
Number 9: Russia 143,64,709
Number 11: Japan: 127.185,332

(source: worlometers 2018)


But, some economists are predicting that India’s population will exceed China in few years.
One big reason of this prediction is due to India’s religion. It’s Hinduism, which encourages

to have many children. So does Islam. But some Islamic countries are fighting the war.
But, in India, despite of the low wages, people are hardworking. This is an important
factor for economic growth.

One dollar is 70.51 rupees. Everything is cheap there.


The annual median per capita income in 2013, was $616.

India’s wages might be up by now than above statistics, but, we can still use it as a reference.

In India, young people are very engaged with technology. Some of them might be
working very hard for the negative technology like “hacking “. But, they
are not spending their energy for fighting the war.

In Ahmedabad, I saw many engineering schools all over the city. They must
be vocational schools and not colleges or universities. Because they are almost
at every corner in the city.

But, low wages, high population, and eager to study; these are important
factors to grow. Wait and see, few more years. Now, in India, I felt strong
energy especially among young people.

My little fear is religion in middle east. I hope that India is not going to be
involved with religious war with surrounding countries.

By the way, in my district, for some reasons often Indian students win on the spelling bee
competition. Hard working kids!


Happy Holidays


(My neighbor’s wreath)







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