In Manhattan: Avenues and Streets

I usually follow my son or my husband around when we are
in New York City. But this time, I decided to go to
several places by myself. Yes, I’m trying to be
a little more independent nowadays. I reviewed my knowledge of
the city with a map of Manhattan and remembered a few rules
to help me keep a mental map in my head.

First of all, Avenues run north and south.
Streets run east and west. Even numbered Avenues run north,
while even streets run east. Odd numbered Avenues run south,
while odd numbered streets run west. Those two rules were
important for me to navigate the city and keep an awareness of
where I was at all times.

Around 10th and 37th street
My son’s apartment is at the corner of 10th Avenue and 37th Street.
Here, I’m looking down10th Avenue from my son’s apartment
which runs north and south (even numbered Avenues run North).


Here is the Hudson River that runs on the westside
of Manhattan. Many buildings have been added
in recent years to fill any space along the Hudson River.

The other side of the Hudson River is New Jersey.


IMG_3444.jpg IMG_3445.jpg

At night, we went to a restaurant on the East river.


Moma (Modern Museum of Art)

Located on 53rd Street between 5th and 6th avenue.
My husband and I walked from 10th Avenue to the north
until we got to 6th Avenue.


IMG_3456.jpg IMG_3473.jpg
IMG_3463.jpg IMG_3475.jpg

We enjoyed Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh and the work of many other great artists.

Jazz at Lincoln Center

It was not impossible to walk from my son’s apartment
to Lincoln Center. But, it was at night, so we took
a taxi.

Dizzy Gillespie’s Jazz was known for its complexity of
harmony and rhythms. He died in 1993 at age 75.
Coca Cola sponsored him and named this jazz club at Lincoln Center as
Dizzy’s Coca Cola -Club.

IMG_3546.jpg IMG_3547.jpg

I have never seen a Wynton Marsalis’s concert. I heard
him on the radio and we have some his CDs. But,
on December 29th, performance at Lincoln Center
that night was by Carlos Henriquez and his
band. Henriquez is a bassist and leader of this Cuban
jazz. He led the following people.

• Trumpeters Terell Stafford and Michael Rodriguez. Great!
• Trombonist Marshall Gilkes
• Saxophonist Abdias Armenteros
• Flutist Jeremy Bosch
• Pianist Robert Rodriguez
• Drummer Obed Calvaire
• Conga player Marcos Torres

Recent years, every time when we go to any jazz
club around Christmas time, they play Cuban jazz, I was wondering
the reason behind this or is it merely coincidence?


We took an Uber to this restaurant.
It was at night and cold.

This restaurant looks like a regular taco shop from outside.
The restaurant is referred to as a speakeasy.
A speakeasy was a place during the prohibition era where people
consumed alcohol in hiding because it was illegal in America to do so in that era.
Speakeasies, though illegal, were numerous and popular during the Prohibition years
and had some connections to organized crime. Even though the police would
often raid them and arrest their owners and patrons, they were so profitable
that they continued to flourish. Speakeasies largely disappeared
after Prohibition was ended in 1933, and the term is now often used to describe
some retro style bars. At this restaurant, on the surface it looks like a fast food taco stand,
but after you walk through a secret door; a nice restaurant emerges full of
expensive liquor and upscale Mexican food.

IMG_Taco Stand 2 IMG_Stairs Mexian

IMG Mexican Bar2 IMG_Mexican.jpeg

Another one is on the roof top of a furniture
store. we can go to another part of the store where the bar is.
There we can sit on the furniture that they sell and we can have our drinks there.
It was very fancy.

It surprises me they can come up with all kinds of sales promotion. Above all, it’s
New York, why not!

IMG_Chandler 2

New York Pizza is world renowned and great too! They say that the reason why it is so good
is because the water that they use for the crust and dough comes from
the water in New York, which is considered some of the best in the world.
That is part of why it tastes so good!

IMG_2 Brother

Ramen restaurants are very popular in U.S.
Ippudo in East Village is located at 65 Forth Avenue.
Some say it's better than their store in Tokyo.
Usually, we put our name on their waiting list and then
go to nearby bars.

They will text us when it's ready to be seated.

(borrowed this picture from ippudony.com)







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