One of the typical retirement homes in Southwestern city

I visited one of the typical retirement homes, where my
friend’s old pal lives with her husband.

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My friend and I were invited to have a lunch there.
It’s free! Most of the retirement homes give free lunch
for the future prospects.

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It was a buffet style lunch.
Menu was:

Asian vegetables (steamed carrots, peas, and cauliflowers)
Fried rice
Beef and broccoli

We can start from the salad bar if we want.

Self-service drinks are coffee, tea, and water.

After lunch, one of the managers gave us a tour of the facility.

He showed us a movie theater, game room, bar, gym, salon,
and library. Many religious books were in the library.
Typical Americans must be relatively conservative. I realized from
this library collection.

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There were laundry machines and dryers on each floor.
But, each apartment has a space for their own a laundry machine
and a dryer, too. Our friend uses laundry room’s machine for
the bigger items like comforts, blankets, and area rugs.


Our friend’s apartment has two bed rooms with a kitchen,
a living room and a bath room with a big shower room.
The apartment is relatively small about 1200 square feet.
But the view from her living room is fantastic. The blue sky
from the balcony makes your life enjoyable.

Our friend seems to be enjoying this arrangement of
retirement housing.

Especially, a caregiver comes everyday for her husband who
needs care tremendously. He is on the wheel chair all the time.


Here is the information we received from the manager of this retirement

If this is a typical retirement home, I thought only high middle class
people in the U.S. could afford.

Two bed rooms $4,450 – 5,101 (three meals a day are included).
No doctor in this facility.
Utilities, including cable, internet & phone service.
Weekly housekeeping.
Garages are available with an extra charge


Our friend was a former nurse. She is relatively liberal.
Even though she enjoys conversations with other men and women during
meal time, she said that some people are very conservative. She does
not criticize Trump and avoids any discussion on her view and politics.
I believe that this is a smart on her part.




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