Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash - An Old Lady's Investigation

Air time of co-pilot
We are kind of a pilot family.
My husband’s cousin was a fighter pilot during Vietnam
war and after the war, he became a pilot for a commercial airline.


Our son graduated from Air Force Academy and
became a commercial pilot after he flew a refueling aircraft
for USAir Force for about 15 years.

IMG_3920.jpg refuel

My husband flies a Cessna airplane to work from time to time.

There are many pilots around my life.

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Helped by Jump Seat Pilot
It is interesting that an off-duty pilot was in the cockpit
jump seat the day before the Lion Air crashed saved this flight from

There are many criticisms of the Boeing 737 Max 8.

(Reference: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/doomed-boeing-jets-lacked-2-safety-features-that-company-sold-only-as-extras/ar-BBV2Adb?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=mailsignout)

Let’s look at some of the things, which could have
saved the lives of the passengers on board..

Flying hours of co- pilots
We were surprised that Ethiopian Airlines’ first
officer had only 200 flying hours. In the US, when pilots are
hired by the major airiness they have typically at least 4000 hours,
from what I have heard.

But, one pilot who was off duty was in the jump seat
of the cockpit the day before the Lion Air crashed. And, he saved this flight
from crashing. Due to his experience and airmanship, he was able to
correctly diagnose the problem and apply the proper
action in a timely manner, which saved everyone on board.
(Reference: http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3736091/posts)

Why the real report was not written?
When the Lion Air crew lost control of the Boeing 737 Max 8, the off duty
pilot who was sitting in the cockpit diagnosed the
problem. He told the crew to run the runaway trim check list,
and to fly manually. This saved the flight.

In the next flight, the following Lion Air Crew
lost control of Boeing 737 Max 8 and crashed.

I was wondering why the crew of day before who was
advised by jump seat off duty guy’s imput was not
written down for the next crew. If they did this the crash
next day might have been avoided.

Fly manually when the problems occur
The problem in both cases seems to be something called
runaway trim. If this system is turned off and the airplane was flown
manually, the crash would not of occurred.

I heard this was emphasized over and over in Air Force
and current airline pilot training. Of course,
it would be a lot of work to fly manually, but
the accident could be avoided.

Manmade avionics software has the potential to have malfunctions.
That is why quality human flying experience is so critical:
properly trained pilot is necessary to prevent faulty software from
causing accidents


(Turn off the switch if problems occur - ABC Nightly News 4/3/19))

Anyway, Boeing needs to remind pilots what to do when the
runaway trim starts by making it what is called a memory item.
A memory item is a time critical action that the pilot must have
memorized on what to do to prevent the aircraft from crashing.

People’s lives are in the pilots’ hands when they are in the sky.
That is why they have so much responsibility. To put it in
perspective, doctors are responsible for a person's life
when they operate.

A pilot is responsible for the lives of 120-275 people every time they fly.
That is why having the proper training is so critical .


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(This model is 737 before stretched the body for 737 Max 8)





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