This old lady is looking back at her life in the U.S.


I was born in Sakhalin during the World War II.

Women's movement in 1970s in Japan
The reason I came to the U.S.in 1973 is not pursuing
the equal opportunity in the working situation. In the 1970s,
the women’s movement in Japan was relatively strong.

This is because, Japan was a historically very strong male dominated
society and that drove women to be fed up with it and seek change.


Around the 1970s, the Japanese working places started to give more
administrative position to women. Furthermore, since I worked for
an American cosmetic company, an administrative position came
to me relatively easily. I was a juntor editor for sales brochures as a
copy writer.

That was such a fun job.! All the copywriters were women.
My salary was relatively good. It was above average.

Going to U.S. to grow further
My problem was that I could not go any higher
in position and salary. This was because my administrative
capacity had hit the ceiling and I was limited to go any further.
I wanted to go to the head office in New York City
and pursue executives to explain the Japanese
market to them. For example, we do not use bubble bath
products in Japan because family members all use the same
bathtub water.

I did not have a chance to talk to the executives in
my position about the Japanese marketing situation. Because,
I was a woman.

The New York staff just recycled and repeated successful strategies
that worked in the U.S. I got tired of them not fully understanding
the gap that existed between our two cultures.
I thought If I were to develop and grow as a human being, I could
persuade these members of the administrative staff at the head office
to improve their understanding and success in the Japanese
market. Yes, in Japan, in 1970s, the women movement and revelation
were relatively active.

Of course, still, we had to fight with the men in Japan who did not appreciate
that women's movement. Men did not work for women.
They had a mentality that they had to control both their family
and their work environments.

Our men's staff members did not mind working with women if
they could have control of everything.

One thing that occurred to me to accomplish this obstacle was to
go to the U.S.

The easiest way to go to the U.S was to become a student.

My friend was working as a post doc at Iowa State University.
I became a graduate student to work on
a master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

I thought if I become above average in English speaking and
writing, I could then get a relatively good job with a better
salary in Japan.

In the meantime, while I was going to school in the U.S.,
I met my future husband there.

He was working on his Ph.D. in physics. That was a completely
unusual field for me. I was fascinated the way he thinks and his analysis
of life due to his background in Physics..

He got a job as a physicist at one of the U.S. national scientific laboratory
and we got married. Our son was born in 1978.

I became a mother and also a librarian


After that I devoted myself as a mother. Since I couldn't write like a
native writer, I took School Library Science classes at the university
where we lived..

I like the library classes! They are very clear. It’s a science,
specifically a library science. When our son became a first grader,
I became a librarian at a public school.



I'm working on my 7th book
When our son became a middle school student at a
private school he attended, I started to write books in Japanese during
the summer. My subjects are based on my experience and background
as a librarian. I introduced how to
ask questions and ensure students are understanding the
stories when I am reading.


I also introduced to work on Japanese readers in my books specializing in
using rhyming words to become familiar with
the rhythm of the English language. Night/ fight, bright/ light,
two/shoe are a few examples that illustrate how very rhythmical English can be.
Japanese never thought this unique attribute of the English language.
This was a great opportunity to use the tool of rhyming in order to
help Japanese learn the English language.

This book is in it’s 10th version. My 7th book on phonics is coming out soon.
My editorial staff in Japan are working for a final stage of this latest book.

I retired from the school after working 20 years.

IMG_3948.jpg IMG_3949.jpg

Husband,Father/Scientist, Wife, Mother/Writer. Son/Pilot
After my son graduated from high school, he went
to the U.S.Air Force Academy. He flew refueling aircraft for about 15 years and
now works as a pilot for one of the major U.S. airlines. My husband retired after
37 years from the scientific lab. Now, he works with a different
national lab as a group leader in the physics division.

I think, my husband, myself and my son accomplished
our goals as a physicist/father, writer/mother, and pilot/son.


Everybody in my family has something exciting to do on our own.
I think having excitement in everyday life is one of the most important things
for us.

My advice to young people is that they need to work hard when you were young.
That is an investment for the future.

For a real investment financially, we always invested the maximum
amount of money for 401K. That stabilized our future retirement life
that is coming in our near future.

In conclusion, this ambitious woman ended up
as a good wife and good mother after all.
I think I am satisfied with this result.




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