Elementary Schools Are Changing into Nursing Homes

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More old people than young people
When I went to Japan last year, our friend was giving us
a tour around his house near the beach in Kanagawa Pref.

He pointed out one of the buildings and said,” That was
an elementary school, but we don’t have enough children
now, it’s converting to a nursing home. More elderly
people than young children.”

I felt sad even though this must be a world phenomenon
among highly developed countries.

Expensive college fee
My niece has one daughter and no plans to have more
children since education costs are expensive in Japan.
It’s more than double of the state universities in the U.S.,
I heard.

In the U.S., too, young people are in debt due to student
financial aid. That causes problems to purchase
a new house and car in establishing a new life
after they graduate from a college.

The U.S. and Japan need to promoting more people to
go to college without suffering a financial burden.

India's energy

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When we went to India last year, I felt energy in that
country. Many young people are studying engineering
because they think that area is demanded in the world
economy and India does not have problems with cheap
labor to build new products with new ideas.

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Recently, I had an opportunity to meet Ms.Midori Takeuchi
who is a Consul-General in Colorado. She said that Japan
is promoting science education.

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She was a very approachable and friendly person. But,
I was not satisfied by her answer. Of course, that is not her
fault. But, I thought Japan needs to be more aggressive
in its approach to education.

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In old days, we saw Japanese televisions in hotel rooms .
Now they are all Korean made.

When we go to Tokyo, my husband always
went to Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku enthusiastically.
He still goes there, but he will now skip if he has other
things to do.

We need more foreign workers
I know Japan is accepting workers from
developing countries. But Japan gives
relatively difficult language test to foreign
workers in giving them a working visa compared
to Taiwan and other countries

My assessment
* Japan needs more vigorous education system
in the area of English and other foreign
language education and also needs to emphasize
math and science more.
* College tuition needs to be much cheaper.
* Make easier for foreign people to work in
* Give an opportunity for foreign people to
work in the higher positions in industry. Do not close
the doors to foreign people. They may have
good ideas for developing new products in Japan.

Every time when we go back to Japan, we enjoy
their politeness and cleanliness everywhere.
But, I feel saturation of opportunities in the country.
I feel the same thing in the U.S. But we still
have a little bit of the American dream left here in
the U.S.