Tuition in Various Universities (Undergraduate)

Our discussion group that meets once a month, talked
about college tuition. Many students who get
student loans are in debt after graduating from college.

We took a look on how much college tuition costs in
the U.S.

Students in state vs. out of state
State college tuition in the state where we live is
$7,340.00 in 2016 for in state students

In contrast, the cost for out of state students goes
all the way up to $21,929.00!

If you attend an out of state university,
you have to pay $14,589.00 more.

Case in a different state
Tuition cost does vary and change from state to state
a little bit.

I graduated from Iowa State University
in Iowa. They charge for students who are from Iowa
$8,219.00. If a student attends from out-of-state,
then they have to pay $21,585.

Costs at some private universities
Let’s look at the tuitions at some of the well-known
private universities in 2016-2017.

· Harvard University $47,074.00
· Columbia University $55,056.00
· University of Southern California $52,283.00

These figures only include tuitions. If you enroll
at these universities you have to add in other living costs
like dormitory and food.

In Japan

Private $11,583.31 (Keio University
National $ 4,904.02 (Tohoku University)

I have a friend from Taiwan, I asked her
what's going on in Taiwan.

In Taiwan

National Taiwan University $1000 - $1500
National Cheng Kong University $1000 - $ 1500

FuRen University $1600 - $2500
Tunghai University $ 1650 - $2560

So based on these figures, as you can see,
State Universities are probably the answer if you want to
study in the U.S.


She is a graduate student from Japan,
and studying Communication & Journalism
at one of the state universities.




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