Los Alamos Lab. and Santa Fe

I visited Santa Fe, New Mexico last week.
From the place I live, Santa Fe is about 1 hour and 30
minutes by train.

This city has a full of Pueblo-style architecture. But,
originally, founded as a Spanish colony in 1610. So, this city
has a mixture of Native Americans and Spanish cultures.

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But one more thing we need to notice about this city is about
Los Alamos Laboratory, which is known for the development
of nuclear weapons during the World War Two as part of
the Manhattan Project. It is located about 40 miles
north west of Santa Fe.

Los Alamos was selected for the top secret bomb design
laboratory during World War Two.

So, when I was walking around the Santa Fe town with
flavors of Pueblo and Spanish cultures, from time to time
I recognized that Santa Fe played an important role in
the Manhattan Project.

For example, at a bridge on the Santa Fe river, Klaus Fuchs,
who was a German physicist, gave information on
nuclear bomb to the Soviet Union.


His reasoning of supplying information on the Manhattan Project
is that not just a few countries, but, everybody should have
this information and that it would be better for the peace of the world.

Anyway, on the bridge of this Santa Fe River, the Fuchs’ spy
activity was carried out. Thus, the Soviet Union had very
important information on how to build the atomic bomb.

Another role Santa Fe had on Manhattan Project
during World War Two was that at a now gift shop,
Robert Oppenheimer had an office during the WWII.


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Oppenheimer was known as the “father of the atomic bomb”
and he was the head of Los Alamos Lab during the WWII.

I bought several books on the Manhattan Project
for my husband who works at Los Alamos Lab.

Nesxt day, I visited Georgia O’Keeffe Museum by the hotel.
Besides her great art works, I learnt about her love life
with Alfred Stieglitz and others.

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At night, after my husband came back from work, we went to our
favorite Mexican restaurant for a glass of margarita and authentic
Mexican dishes.

IMG_4198.jpg  IMG_4196.jpg








Los Alamos Labが近いのに、nuclear physicsに反対するリベラル派、
サンタ フェは、文化も知識も混合、混在、そんな街です。


Los Alamosは,ロスアラモスですね。間違えました。申し訳ありません。