Organizing the papers, papers and more in the house!

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My husband does not like to throw away things.
When I try to get rid of his old IBM computer cards
which he created for his Ph.D. dissertation,
“Wait, I worked really hard for my dissertation and
some people are still reading it.” He received his Ph.D.
about 44 years ago.

He has been going to the scientific conference
about twice a year. If I try to get rid of
his conference badges and conference bags
from the organizer, “That is my life, I want
to keep them.”

Hoarder might be a little too strong word for him.
But our son and I call him jokingly “hoarder.”

“Hoarder” is known as obsessive compulsive disorder.

When I analyze him, his thinking is that there are
more important things to do than
cleaning up or organizing the office or house
in his mind.

Easier not to make a decision now
Because to clean up the office or house,
we have to make a decision, “Is it important? Can we
throw away? No, we might need this information
later.” It’s easier to keep than throw away.
If you don’t throw away, you will not regret
by your decision.

In case I need the paper I threw away later on,
probably I could find out the information through
the web site nowadays.

Many times, the information in his office
and house may or may not be needed except
some of his scientific papers or articles about
his physicsmentor, Richard Feynman, also tax information
for about 10 years may need to keep. Some letters from
his old friends might have sentimental value for him.

Recently, I have a retired carpenter hang the
wire shelves in the garage. And he will hand more
shelves for me in the utility rooms and closet.

Sensitive information? To a commercial shredder
I threw away many copied papers, which
piled up on the desk in our study. I shredded
old bills, and took old apple computers in our shack
to the city recycling center.

Already about one month has pasted after I have started organizing
our junks in our house. It’s a big project. Old bills, old tax reports,
old socks, belts, t-shirts, underwear, shoes and dresses are gone.

I went to shredding stores several times. Some of the
things needed to be shredded because of the nature of sensitive
information. My home shredder is not fast enough
to shred about 15 boxes of semi-confidential materials.

City recycling center
I called our city recycling center to pick up the items
I could not put in our car things like old doors.

I feel good, and I almost feel I am in the new house after
I got rid of junks.

Our shack is so organized and I would like to have a cup
of tea there.

I need to continue to weed some old books.
Only my books though. I know my husband would say,
“These books are my life.” Ok, ok.

Because of this hard work called cleaning up or
organizing a house, I had to go massage and facial
to relax! It is a lot of work for the woman in 70

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箱をshredderに運んだり、市のrecycling ctrに