Delayed my spring cleaning

In the spring, I had a cataract surgery. The surgery itself went
smoothly, but the result was not what I expected.
So, all my spring plans were delayed.

Yard work
In spring, everybody starts to clean the house. Many
households would work on the yard first.

Because, trees and weeds start to grow rapidly in this season.
In our case, we have English ivy all over the fence.

I planted them forty years ago, ivies grew fast.
They are beautiful, but we need to trim them at least three
times a year.

When I started to call gardeners, they were already
booked weeks ahead, and prices were getting higher
in this high season.


But, finally last week, I got one company. For trimming
Ivies, cutting some trees branches not to cover the roof,
cleaning up weeds, edging the grasses, For these works,
the company charged $700.00.

IMG_4246.jpg IMG_4238.jpgIMG_4274.jpg

Gardeners asked me if I think they did a good job,
rate their work on a Google site. Each of them would be paid
$20.00 extra. It would be nice to be able to drink beer after work.
So, I rated them highly. But a punch line is that a warning came
after I clicked writing my review. It said that my address and name
would go to public.

Sprinkler system
Since we live in a dry state. We don’t have enough water.
For us a sprinkler system is essential to keep the grass green.

My husband told me to call the best sprinkler company in
the city to fix sprinklers.

First one man came to check all the sprinkler system,
and he put 10 flags in the front and 10 more flags in the backyard
for the sprinklers to be repaired.

Some of the sprinklers were buried in the soil. It means when
grass grew taller, sprinkler heads were buried every year.

So, technicians had to dig the buried sprinkler heads. That was hard
work because they had to dig about 18 inches.

I had to stay at home all day to wait for the workers to come.
Every house, they went, required more works than they expected.

Finally, a technician came at five o’clock in the evening,
but he had to go another place for an emergency case.
So, other workers came to cover him. But their repair work did
not satisfy my husband. Because some of the brown
grass spots were not covered by new sprinkler heads.

IMG_4250.jpg IMG_4254.jpg

Today, I’m still waiting for these workers to show up and fix them.
They estimated about $1,000 for this job. I will not pay until
everything is done perfectly. I’m realizing that summer is
very expensive, and yet expensive vacations are coming soon
for us, which were planned a long time ago.

IMG_4257.jpg IMG_4275.jpg

Organized laundry room!
My laundry room was a mess. Since I have been really in
to organizing the house lately, I asked a retired carpenter
to hang the shelves in the laundry room closet. I have been
piling up my new and old shoes there. This project came out
relatively well.

My “cleaning up” project will continue more. Stay tuned.

IMG_4230.jpgIMG_4231.jpg IMG_4234.jpg


This Turkish area rug was also cleaned this week by an Afghanistan man.

Simple dinners were served this week. Why? I was too busy! Here is an example.





トルコの絨毯の敷かれたお部屋の和風の祭壇 お線香の香りが漂ってきそうです。。