England is changing

The U.S. will be changing rapidly in many

One of the biggest challenges we will be facing
soon is the treatment of migrants who
keep coming from the Central America.

Visiting England
Recently I went to England accompanying my
husband who attended a conference there.

Some people do not like to mix business trips
and private trips. But, I like to see my husband’s
colleagues and their spouses.

In England, especially London, I saw more Islamic
women than ever in their traditional
costumes. The colors of costumes are typically
either gray or black.

I got used to seeing their habits. For example,
young Islamic women raise their veil when they
eat food. Also, it’s amazing that most women and children,
have a smart phone.

As you know, Sadiq Khan is the first Muslim elected Mayor of
London. His grandparents migrated from Pakistan.
I felt that the culture of England is changing.

(from Wikipedia)

The value of pound
When I was there last week, one pound was
about 1.26 dollar. Several years ago, going to
England was very expensive. Is England suffering
economically? Are they really leaving the European

Anyway, shopping at Harrod’s was almost same
feeling shopping at Neiman Marcus in New York.

Titanic Museum and Highclere Castle and more
My travel buddy was the wife of my husband’s colleague.
She works as a deacon at the church.
Because of the nature of her job, she gets used to
taking care of people. So, she took care of me very well.
I find myself saying, “Thank you, I am lucky!”

At Titanic Museum
My buddy’s ancestor came from England and worked as
a fireman in the city of Southampton that is about 70
miles south-west London.

This city is famous for the luxury passenger liner, “Titanic”
that sank in 1912. Titanic stayed in Southampton before
they sailed to New York, then she had that ill fated tragedy.

IMG_4343.jpg IMG_4354.jpg IMG_4370.jpg IMG_4375.jpg IMG_4362.jpg IMG_4332.jpg IMG_4372.jpg

I haven’t seen this very popular movie
played by Leonard DiCaprio, but I
love this movie’s theme song by Celine Dion.

Southampton is a quiet and quaint old English town with a harbor now.

At Highclere Castle
We also visited Highclere Castle. My buddy is
a fan of TV program called “Downton Abbey” aired as
PBS Master Theater in the U.S. It’s coming as a film
this September.

IMG_4379.jpg IMG_4399.jpg IMG_4396.jpg IMG_4384.jpg

Highclere Castle was used for this film as a British’s
historical country estate. We went through the music room,
library, entertainment rooms, maid rooms and much more.
I have not seen this TV program. But, I intend to go to see this film

Many other events…
A parade called LGBT+ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and
Transgender) took place near our hotel by Hyde Park.

Also, many expensive cars usually parked on the street
such as a Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a
Ferrari. Many Arabic people come to England
as their resort to cool down from their hot climate,
we heard.

IMG_4461.jpg IMG_4292.jpg IMG_4322.jpg IMG_4302.jpg IMG_4415.jpg IMG_4455.jpg IMG_4457.jpg IMG_4458.jpg

London is an interesting and changing society.
Is the U.S. next to follow England’s step? If so then,
we really need to look into this city as a case
study in reference to culture, migrants, politics, history,
business and more!

Compared the vocabularies:

lift / elevator
toilet / restroom
ground floor/ first floor
a pint of beer / a glass of beer
face towel / wash cloth




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