Confusing? North America, South America, and Central America

I used to work as a librarian at one of the public schools in New Mexico.
I retired about 10 years ago from the school system.
When I was working, there were many students whose parents were immigrants from
Mexico. So, I wrote about that in my new up coming book about this.

I wanted to introduce the geographical data about my school to the Japanese
readers. It would explain how to teach English language to this kind of population.

The editorial staff in Japan, corrected my writing saying that my students
were not only from Mexico but also, from Central America.

But, not exactly.

Recently, many refugees came from Central America to flee from
their gang warfare and violent countries. When I was working from
the years of 1984 to 2010, Central America did not have the recent problems
being controlled by drug gangs. They did not flee to the US like now days.


(Picture is from Amnesty International News & Stories)

By the way, there are seven countries when you say, Central America.

3)El Salvador

6) Costa Rica
7) Panama

The first four countries are considered as the most dangerous
countries on earth in recent years. That’s why people from these
countries fled to the USA.

But, the US seems to be overwhelmed by the flood of refugees that requires
health care, education, and a place to live. The US tax payers have to
give up some of their education budget, repairs of road/bridges
and pay more taxes to support refugees.

On the other hand, liberal Democrats would challenge Trump’s policy on
not accepting refugees and then send them back to their own countries.
This will be one of big topics for the presidential election in 2020.

By the way, it seems like some people are confused on
geographical terms on the subject of American continents.
They are North America, South America and Central
America. Is Mexico included in North
America or South America?
(Mexico is considered as one of the North Americas geographically)

Generally, continents are divided as follows:
North America: 3 countries. Canada, the United States of America and Mexico

Central America: 7 countries. Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua,
Belize, Costa Rica and Panama

South America (Lain America): 12 independent countries.
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia,Ecuador, Guyana,Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay,
and Venezuela (in Alphabetical order).


from the top to the bottom
Bluish: Mexico
Pink: Central America
Bottom with different colors: South America

IMG_4593.jpg(We eat watermelons all year round. It is a little strange that Mexico
is included in North Continent.)



メキシコは、暖かい国、でも、North America