Joi Ito who stepped down from the director of MIT’s Media Lab is a Japanese!

When I was making the morning coffee, my husband told me to read
the story in the morning paper that the director of MIT’s Media Lab
steps down over Epstein ties.


(Albuquerque Journal September 8. 2019 ,Associated Press )

When we attended one of the MIT reunions, my husband’s class’s
banquet was held at the MIT Media Lab. We discussed that the
Media Lab looks very modern. Other traditional scientific
classrooms and buildings at MIT look old. They look
appropriate for geeks.

We saw pictures of Bill Gates sitting on the floor with students and
having a conversation casually at the Media Lab. Gates
looks different compared with other scientists such as
Michel Gilmore, Tadashi Takeda,
and Richard Feynman. They are hard core scientists.
Gate is an entrepreneur
and not a scientist.

What I more surprised was the name of MIT director who stepped down
from the position had a Japanese name, Joi Ito. I never heard about Joi Ito.
I checked about him on Wikipedia. His educational background is
somewhat different from what I expected.


Ito is not a scientist. He is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
I know some young scientists who graduated from MIT.
My neighbors’ son who received a physics degree from MIT. But he chose
to work on Wall Street. The reason is that investors, stock brokers,
and investment advisors make much more money than research scientists.

How about Ito? Ito dropped out from three universities in the US and in 2018,
he received a PhD from Keio University in Japan in Media and Governance.

Once, he run a nightclub in Japan and was a disc jockey in Chicago.
This is again far from my image of MIT graduates around me.

Ito must have been a fast uprising star, recognizing a digital world. He
invested in Twitter, Wikia, 3Dsolve and other internet companies before
they became prominent companies in this area.

I just wondered why MIT hired such an investor type person as a director.
MIT took money from Epstein through Ito. Ito even received from Epstein
millions for his own investment fund.

I’m not a technical person at all. I studied Japanese literature.
But I know that something is wrong in this modern world. Quick money
making is more appealing to young people than hard working research scientists.

MIT and an entrepreneur don’t connect well in my mind. The Media
Lab must have a little different purpose at MIT. Investing in business must
be an important role, and not in science. I see that. The Media Lab
has a different role in this prestigious university. Again, it’s a
trend in this modern world.


(Albuquerque Journal 9/15/19 by T.S.Last, Jeffrey Epstein gave $275K to Santa Fe Institute)