About Kurds and ISIS - Women's Study Group in One Afternoon

What can we discuss about recent problems caused by
President Trump withdrawing the U.S. troops from northern Syria.

(Vox .com Oct.16)

This is a hard area for our women’s discussion group to
talk about. Because, this is a religious war. We don’t want to be involved
with someone else’s fight over religion.

We summarized what we know:

1. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

2. Our group read that ISIS made $2 billion in 2014, they are
richest terrorist organization in the world.

3. President Assad is struggling to maintain the power of

Here is a list of the terrorist attacks to the world by ISIS

• November 2015, Paris Attacks: In a series of attacks,
bombers and shooting, killed 130 people.
• December 2015, San Bernardino Attack:
A married couple opened fire at the Inland Regional Center in California and killed 14 people.
• March 2016, Brussels Bombings: Bombings
at Brussels Airport in Belgium and a nearby Metro station killed 32 people.
• June 2016, Pulse Nightclub Shooting:
A gunman opened fire inside a gay nightclub
in Orlando, Fla., and killed 49 people.
• July 2016, Nice Attack: A terrorist driving
a truck mowed down a crowd of people
in the French Riviera town, killing 86.
• December 2016, Berlin Attack:
• A man hijacked and drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, killing himself and 11 others.
• May 2017, Manchester Attack: A single suicide bomber
killed 22 people during an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena in England.

Here is a summary what we discussed

• We have to fight with terrorists.
• 9/11 type attacks might happen
• United Nations should be involved more.
• But, United Nations does not have enough power
to solve this complicated Civil War.
• It’s a global war
• Russia will increase their control with the U.S. withdrawal
• So what? It’s a civil war
• Trump might be right. This Islamic war has been going on
for 200 years
• Trump and Erdogan agreed that Turkey would
take over the fight against residual IS elements in Syria.

Terrorism, civil war, religious war over 200 years….
It’s hard to figure out when religions are involved.
I just don’t know their emotional, historical and
political involvement on this issue.

Spent 5.9 trillion dollars!

The wars are very expensive. Through Fiscal Year 2019,
the United States federal government has spent or
obligated $5.9 trillion dollars on the wars in Afghanistan,
Pakistan, and Iraq.
(Watson Institute, Brown University, International Public

We don't want to lose
our young people for someone else's fight.
This war will continue for a long time.

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(Our discussion group, we meet once a month)




discussion group

お料理の会(ゴルメグループ)の会員でもありますがこれは只々社交的なもの。でも、社交だけでも、この歳には大切です。デイスカッション グループは、下調べが必要なグループの集まりですが、「ああ、今日は、頭を使ったし、自分の意見をよく言ったわ。面白かったわ」と思うので、やりがいのあるグループです。



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音楽は、布施明一辺倒の私に、クラシック ピアニストの方達とのお付き合いが広がっていくのが楽しいです。ご親戚が台風の被害を受けたのですね。心からお見舞い申し上げます。一生懸命に築いてきたものが、災害によって、破壊される。。やりきれない絶望感がよくわかります。私の両親は、樺太で優雅な生活を送っていたのですが、戦争で全てを失ってしまったのです。災害、宗教戦争、全て、私たち個人の手に負えないもの、そんな環境の中に生きていると、せめて、自分の努力が報いられる世界に、生きていられると感謝します。英語で書いているので、読みづらいかもしれませんが、これからも、時々、のぞいてください。