To New York, New York!

I saw black clouds through the Boeing 767’s window
on the way to New York city.

IMG_4862.jpg IMG_4861.jpg IMG_4859.jpg

We were on a Boeing 767. This airplane is a versatile
aircraft that works well for both short and long-range flights.
It means that this airplane could fly us
intercontinental routes as well as international. Its roomy cabin size
and large baggage capacity make for a comfortable trip
especially when jetting to far-off lands.

My husband and I were happy on the airplane.

Since we are now in our 70s, we usually travel by first class.
We think we deserve it. We should enjoy our life now after
we worked so hard to get here.

We were enjoying our airplane ride.
But, then we experienced bumps on the plane.
Turbulences! We held the chair tightly.

After the bumpy ride from time to time due to the
windy weather, finally, we arrived in Newark Airport.
It was about 40 degrees (4 degrees in Celsius) and the wind was strong.
Soon, the temperature turned into 30 degrees (-1C) with high wind
and rain at night. Cold!


This advertising panel looks very sunny!

Still, we visited several places

IMG_3858.jpg IMG_3959.jpg

Mainly, we talked and ate in our son’s apartment on
8th avenue. Since my son had to fly on Thanksgiving Day
as a United Airline pilot ,we picked up our Thanksgiving
dinner at the restaurant.

My husband owns a Cessna 172 and flying is his big hobby.
Guess what! Their conversation was focused on flying
in bad weather.

At the steak house called Wolfgang’s Steakhouse
This restaurant is located on Park Avenue in Manhattan.
Right next to the New York Times’s building.
They have several stores in Roppongi, Aoyama, Fukuoka
and more in Japan, too.

IMG_4895.jpg IMG_3502.jpg

Good beef is recommended to eat in rare. But, I would
like to eat in medium well. Otherwise, meat is
kind of chewy for me. Also, for the safety reasons, too.
What were cows fed? Soybeans? Grass?

At the bar
We walked out to the bar across from the restaurant.
We enjoyed the night scene in New York including
the Empire State Building.

IMG_4903.jpg IMG_4901.jpg IMG_4900.jpg

If we don’t go to listen to jazz, we don’t feel like
we came to New York city. We went to the old jazz
club called Birdland. It is a closest jazz club from my
son’s apartment.

IMG_4872.jpg IMG_4884.jpg

To my surprise, the bass player was a Japanese,
Yasushi Nakamura. He graduated from Berklee and
Julliard Music School. It is the best of the best
music schools. He is in early 30’s and his body was
built strong, just right to play a bass instrument.

But, it seems very difficult to survive as a jazz musician
in New York. I gathered it from the lead piano player’s
talk. By the way, this lead piano player's name is Emmet Cohen.
He has played at Cotton Club in Tokyo.

IMG_4926.jpg Souvenirs from Birdland.

Difficult going home…
Our airplane was delayed two and a half hours than the
scheduled time due to the weather.
After we were on the plane, our airplane needed to be deiced.
On top of that, many departure planes were backed up
on the runaway.

We arrived at 9:34 pm in the Houston airport. 4 minutes later than
our scheduled departure time. Our connecting plane left at 9:31, just 3 minutes
late. But, they did not wait for 5 passengers for 4 minutes to Albuquerque
where we live.

The crews have a lot of pressure from the company to be on time.
And the gate was closed 10 minutes before our flight.
So, five passengers including us had to stay overnight and
five passengers had to stay at the hotel paying from our own pocket
for this delay. The reason is that this delay was caused by the weather.
It means that it is not the airline company's fault.

If our connecting airplane waited just for 10 minutes at most,
we, five passengers, didn’t have to transit twice instead of once
without staying at the hotel one night.

Holiday travels in winter can be very difficult.
Beautiful white snow, Christmas decorations in towns,
family together and parties, there are many festivity
and fun in the holiday seasons. But if the weather is bad,
it’s wise to stay holiday seasons at home

IMG_4915.jpg IMG_4917.jpg

Our home state had a snowfall, too.

Anyway, I'm at home now peacefully. I miss pizzas in New York city!
The tap water in New York city makes these tasty pizzas, I heard.
One slice costs only a dollar!

IMG_4918.jpg IMG_4919.jpg



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アメリカのおばちゃま、deiceのこと、ありがとうございます。最後に dもついていて、アイスという発音が埋もれてしまいました。やはり、実際に耳や口を使わないとだめですね。defrostなら推測できたかもしれません。言い訳です。

クラシックの音楽をアレンジしたジャズ、特に、John Lewisというジャズ・ピアニストがバッハをアレンジしたものはよく聞きます。原曲にはない和音やベースが付け足されていて、ちょっとスリリングです。


動詞の後につくde-は、removalとか、down, awayなどの意味のようですね。


John Lewis,聞いてみました。素敵。