Delaying Alzheimer's For About 5 Years

Being bilingual delays Alzheimer's disease


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My friend and I were talking about something the other day
and both of us could not remember one certain word in our conversation. My friend
said, “It’s on my tip of my tongue! But I can’t remember.”

Things like that happens all the time lately in my age group
in the 60s and 70s.

I read an article that people who speak more than one
language would develop Alzheimer's disease about five years later than monolingual
people. The same thing can be said of musicians because they listen
to many different instruments that can be considered as being other languages. Also,
scientists who are always calculating and solving problems can fit into this group.

People with higher education can delay Alzheimer's disease, according
to this discussion.
(https://www.alzheimers.org.uk › news › bilingual-brains-are-more-resilient-d...)

I believe more than anything we need to try to stimulate our brain
from many different angles: reading, talking, exercising, social life and more.

My way of another brain exercise
My mother tongue is the Japanese language.
I have worked as a librarian at one of the elementary schools in the U.S.
for twenty years. Since I worked as an educator, I was conscientious of
my accent, but it is almost impossible to get rid of it. I came to this
country when I was 31 years old. The Japanese accent emphasizes
vowels. On the other hand, in the U.S, students learn to stress
consonants first not vowels.

So, I conscientiously try to pronounce consonants strongly. Then,
I would think about blending sounds and syllables when I talk.

I try to read at least two articles in the newspaper a day and write a blog
every week if time is available.

These are my way of training in speaking, reading and writing in English.
Remember, English is my second language.

Other factors: going to gym, luncheon club, discussion group and
visiting school children


Compared to older generations, our generation goes to
the gym. This trend helps energize our body and keeps us young.

・I belong to a gourmet club in one of the women’s clubs.
This is purely for fun.

IMG_1336.jpg IMG_3968.jpg

The other group I have is called “discussion group” being
with fellow retired teachers and librarians. I’m
organizing this group and we discuss politics, social
issues, health and traveling. For this group, I had to read
newspaper articles in detail and need some research work to
discuss the issues. This is at least my intellectual activity.


• Once a month, I visit one kindergarten class where
my friend is teaching. I read a book and ask questions on a
story I have read. I want to make sure that students understand
what I read.


Children are our future. It is really rewarding to work with them.

Anyway, I try to use my brain to enrich my everyday life.
Otherwise, my brain might stop working! These activities
create dopamine in my mind and make me feel, “Good!”.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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